Modify a recurring payment

    Request parameters

    Method: POST


    Parameter Format Description
    requestType BACKEND Always pass "BACKEND" (case sensitive).
    merchantId 9 digits Unique identifier for your Bambora merchant account (not "merchant_id").
    passcode 32 digits Recurring Payment API Passcode (not the Payment API passcode)
    Parameter Format Description
    serviceVersion "1.0" Always "1.0".
    operationType "M" or "C" "M" for modify or "C" for close


    Parameter Format Description
    rbBillingPeriod D, W, M, or Y D for day, W for week, M for month, or Y for year.
    rbBillingIncrement Numeric Number of units in a billing period. Unit determined by rbBillingIncrement parameter.
    rbBillingEndMonth 1 or 0 Charge on last day in month.
    rbNeverExpires 1 or 0 Alternative to rbExpiry parameter.
    processBackPayments 1 or 0 Only relevant to transactions updating the billing state to Active. Controls whether missed payments are charged.
    rbAccountId Up to 10 digits The identifier of the recurring payment to be modified.
    Amount Max. 9-digits The new amount.
    rbBillingState O, C, or A "O" to pause payments by putting an account on hold. "C" to close the recurring account. "A" – to reactivate an account that was on hold or closed.
    rbFirstBilling 8 digits Date of the first charge against the customer’s recurring billing account. Passing a new value in this field overrides the data in the system even if the existing First Billing date has already passed.
    rbSecondBilling 8 digits Date of the second charge against the customer’s recurring billing account. The second billing date is updated to reflect one full billing period after the First Billing date. Use this variable to process the second charge at a date outside the regular schedule and prorate the first payment. After the second billing date, all payments are scheduled at regular increments
    rbExpiry 8 digits Expiry date for the recurring billing account. Format MMDDYYYY.

    Billing address

    Parameter Format Description
    ordName Max. 64 alphanumeric characters Update the recurring billing account holder name (use trnCardOwner to change the name of a card owner).
    ordAddress1 Max. 64 alphanumeric characters First line of the customer’s recurring billing profile address.
    ordAddress2 Max. 64 alphanumeric characters Second line of the customer’s recurring billing profile address.
    ordCity Max. 32 alphanumeric characters Customer’s city.
    ordProvince 2 characters Must match a valid province code.
    ordCountry 2 characters Must match a valid country code
    ordPostalCode Max. 16 alphanumeric characters Postal code for the customer’s recurring billing profile address.
    ordEmailAddress Max. 64 characters Customer email address.
    ordPhoneNumber Max. 32 alphanumeric characters Customer phone number

    Card info

    Parameter Format Description
    trnCardOwner Max. 64 alphanumeric characters Credit card owner's name.
    trnCardNumber Max. 20 digits Customer credit card number.
    trnExpMonth 2 digits Credit card expiry month. Format MM (January = 01).
    trnExpYear 2 digits Credit card expiry year. Format YY. (2008 = 08)

    Response codes

    Code Message
    1 Request successful
    2 Secure connection required
    3 Service version not supported
    4 Invalid login credentials
    5 Invalid operation type
    6 Invalid amount value
    7 Invalid recurring billing account id
    8 Merchant account is closed or disabled
    9 Invalid XML message
    10 Unexpected error
    11 Login failure. Service Lockout
    12 Invalid process back payments parameter
    13 No fields to update in modification request
    14 Customer address/payment information failed data validation
    15 Invalid recurring billing account state