IP Addresses

    In order to ensure a secure integration to Bambora, you must be able to communicate with one of our fully qualified domains. If your integration uses IP allowlists, you will need to add Bambora's IP addresses to your allowlist.


    Bambora uses the following fully qualified domain names:

    IP Addresses

    The full list of IP addresses in CIDR notation that and can resolve to:

    ⚠️ Always use the DNS names or to interact with our APIs. Never communicate with an IP Address directly. Bambora IP addresses are subject to change. To be notified of changes, follow our release notes.

    Response Notifications

    If your integration is configured to receive Response Notifications, you should ensure these events originate from one of our listed IP Addresses above.


    For convenience, we have provided our IP Address list as a .txt file for easy import into iptables and similar tools: