Payment Profile response codes


    This document lists the response codes returned from the Payment Profile API. The "Code" and "Description" columns correspond to the response.code and response.message properties returned by the API response object.

    You should only map your responses handlers against message IDs as message strings are not guaranteed to be consistent over time.

    Code Description
    1 Operation successful
    2 Failed card verification
    3 Secure connection required
    4 Invalid service version
    5 Invalid merchant id
    6 Invalid operation type
    7 Incorrect passcode
    8 Invalid customer code
    9 Session Timeout
    10 Unexpected error – Contact support
    11 Invalid XML message
    12 Passcode authentication access lockout
    13 Passcode authentication failure
    14 Merchant account closed or disabled
    15 Customer code to modify does not exist
    16 Customer code already exists
    17 Duplicate match on payment information
    18 No fields to update in modification request
    19 Customer address/payment information failed data validation
    20 Invalid payment profile account status
    21 User Cancelled
    22 Order number already completed
    23 No match found on Status Response lookup
    24 Duplicate match on billing information
    25 Velocity identifier not assigned to customer code
    26 Fail send email message
    27 Operation not enabled
    28 Invalid profile group
    29 Invalid transaction id
    30 No payment information available
    31 No access to EFT
    32 An answer was provided without a question
    33 No answer was provided
    34 Configuration settings are incomplete
    35 Maximum number of credit cards is reached
    36 No credit card found for customer code and card id
    37 Credit card new information has no changes
    38 Date input format must be YYYYMMDDHHMM
    39 AccountRef parameter must be numeric (18,0)
    40 Payment profile only card cannot be set to non-default
    41 Reporting services error
    42 accountRef value is already assigned to another customer of this merchant
    43 Operation failed, this card has already been added to the profile
    44 Operation failed, no matching card id
    45 Parameters received outside of hash validation. Partial hash must be enabled