Calling the Onboarding APIs

    This will guide you through quickly hitting one of our Onboarding API endpoints.

    This API requires an authentication passcode from a partner account that you requested in the setup stage of this Quickstart Guide.

    The Onboarding API endpoints are divided by account type, or 'flow'. This guide will focus on 'psp-cad'.

    1. Create a partial application

    curl  \
      -H "Authorization: Passcode your_onboarding_passcode"  \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
      -d '{

    You will receive a response with a HTTP status 201 Created. The response body will have an ID, a state, and an array of pending fields. The state of an application will remain 'in_progress' until all required fields have been submitted.

    2. Retrieve the partial application


    Using the ID returned from your first request you can now request the submitted application.

    3. Next steps

    You can read more about Onboarding in the Onboarding Guide and the Onboarding API Spec.