Merchant Quickstart

    This guide is here to get your Merchant Account up and running quickly. You'll learn to create, configure, and test your account using our Payment APIs.


    Creating A Test Account

    Fill out our sign up form to instantly get a developer account with access to a sandbox.

    Merchant ID

    All transactions through the API require your Merchant ID. It is permanently displayed at the top right corner of your Member Area.

    You can also find your Merchant ID by clicking on administration and then Company Info.

    Finding Passcodes

    Depending on which API you intend to use for your business, you'll need a passcode to complete the call.

    After logging into the Member Area, select administration, then account settings, and finally order settings.

    On the Order Settings page, you'll find the Payment Gateway section with the sub-header Security/Authentication. Here you can set an API access code by clicking the Generate New Code button. Once you have a new code, click Update at the bottom of the page.

    You can set passcodes for Recurring Billing, Reporting, Batch File Upload the same way in each category on the Order Settings page.

    To set a Payment Profile passcode, you'll need to navigate to configuration, then payment profile configuration from the left. Under Security Settings, you can click Generate New Code.

    The next step is to accept a payment by calling our API's.